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At this time, all services rendered at  Springfield Music, Shawnee, KS.  In the future there will be:  1. limited in home teaching, 2. teaching  videos (both free and for a fee) , 3. online lessons, and 4. teaching material eventually on each instrument.

 My lessons on each instrument are very specific and  in-depth.   I like to help each one of my  students  completely understand the instrument and music  ( if they want ).   Each instrument has it's own unique patterns,   structures and techniques. I focus on the techniques needed to play each one as effortlessly as possible. I teach how to relax so that my student is at ease and therefore much more productive. I break things down into small easy to perform sections so that  anything's  a  cinch  ( at least eventually ).   I  feel  that  almost  anyone  can  play  with  the  right  guidance! 

 With each instrument, I like to start with a good foundation to build on, including music reading, note memorization, and technique building,  so that you create good habits right off the bat,  and you won't have to do  any  back tracking.  If you have good technique (which isn't usually taught well by books/ many videos),  you will excel much more quickly!  


 I teach modal and chordal theory and a mastery of the neck on each instrument!  If you understand the instrument,  and have a good understanding of music, you will be able to become a true musician! Not just playing songs, but also able to create it as well!  Many of my students have become outstanding, totally amazing players!! 


Lessons on acoustic and electric.  I teach all levels from beginner to advanced on guitar, most genres including: most forms of Rock ( including heavy metal ), Blues, Country, Funk, Jazz, Classical, Neo Classical, Christian Contemporary, Folk, much more!  I teach in great detail ALL aspects of playing including flat picking, fingerpicking, scales, chords (including techniques in stratigizing finger movement for smooth transitions, which isn't usually covered by videos or many teachers).   Lightning fast leads, shredding, arpeggios, Jazz theory, chord substitution, melodies over chords, improvisation, much more!



Beginner to advanced.   I will give you a very good understanding of the fretboard and music! Standard fingerstyle, using a pick, slap n pop, tapping, arpeggios, walking patterns, modal/chordal theory, much more!   Most genres including (but not limited to): Blues, Country, Funk, most forms of Rock, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Jazz, much, much more!



Beginner to advanced.   5 string, Irish Tenor banjos. Scruggs 3- finger style, clawhammer/frailing style, melodic/chromatic style.  Many genres including (but not limited) Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Blues, more!   I teach a good understanding of the fretboard, scales, modal/chordal theory. Besides playing your favorite songs, learn how to improvise, back up, solo and jam! 


Ukulele / Mandolin